For Your Supply Chain Paperwork

AiDock offers a cutting-edge web platform for declarants in digital trade, merging AI precision with human expertise to flawlessly process documents.

Seamless Collaboration with AI Assistants

In the evolving landscape of digital trade and logistics, AiDock presents its state-of-the-art web platform, meticulously crafted for declarants. Our platform bridges the gap between AI’s precision and human expertise, ensuring every document is processed to perfection.

Who is it for?

Key Benefits

User-Friendly Interface

A clear, intuitive dashboard that requires no technical expertise.

AI & Human Collaboration

Our system intelligently processes documents and only prompts for human intervention when absolutely necessary, ensuring accuracy without sacrificing efficiency.

Multiple Output Formats

Whether you need a CSV, JSON, or a Dummy declaration, our platform provides versatile output options tailored to your needs.

End-to-End Processing

From document ingestion to the final declaration, experience a seamless workflow powered by the synergy of AI and human expertise.

Integration Steps


No Integration Needed

Use AiDock’s powerful capabilities without any system integrations.


Avoid tech overheads and get started without any setup costs.

Reliable and Secure

Your data’s security is our utmost priority. Benefit from a platform built on the foundations of industry-leading security standards.

Dive into the future of document processing and declaration with AiDock’s Web-Platform. Experience the perfect blend of human intelligence and AI efficiency today!

For more details, queries, or a demo, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.